Morning shadows

      The Two Terriers goes a bit surreal and all art photography and it's only just after 6.30am in the morning. The coffee is made and poured but not yet consumed.
      The early morning sun, courtesy of dawn's helping hand, was pouring through the east facing back door while the two Jack Russells were out rooting around, giving the nearest neighbours an early morning call, checking the perimeter of the garden and hopefully having a pee or two before coming back inside and demanding their breakfast, and probably some of mine too.
      The photographs are the sunlight on the grey kitchen wall and they're in full colour although they have the look of a very artistic hand bromide print.
      Well please yourself, I thought the effect was interesting.


Anonymous said…
Very Hitchcock esque
Bureboyblog said…
The TT Bistro, black pepPer sir?

Thank goodness the knife rack wasn't in view and to be a proper bistro the pepper mill would have to be at least eighteen inches long...
Brk Trt said…
John, as anonymous said.
Alfred would be proud.

I hadn't thought about that, a little Bate's Motel