Sunsets get their mojo back

      The sun set in spectacular fashion a couple of nights ago. There'd been some wet weather around along with some dense clouds that were carrying the heavy showers and returning home with the pack of terriers this is the spectacle that greeted us on the homeward leg, absolutely fantastic. Spectacular or what? Then there are the colours too and having had a summer of fairly bland sunsets the skies seem to be getting into the swing of providing astounding light shows.
      Big sunsets and even bigger skies, we love them all. So here's the display from the following evening but will we get a hat-trick?


Brk Trt said…
Hat trick not needed. You have hit it out of the park...

The power of the sun, no wonder people worshipped it. John
John Dornik said…
The amount of energy the Sun emits every second is the equivalent of 100 billion one-megaton nuclear weapons exploding. Most facts are now just a click away. I have my Dietzgen log-log sliderule mounted to the wall with mirror clips, over my desk, just to remind me who I am.
Crikey John, that's one of those facts that makes you feel insignificant. And frightened if you think too much.