The eyes have it

      I walked along the river during the week chasing the Two Terriers, cursing them for their mischief and also cursing the prolific underwater weed that makes fishing virtually impossible. At the same time I was also amazed at the amount of dragonflies still zooming around in mid-October, they never seem to be still for a second, zig-zagging about over the water chasing their meals and flashing through the reeds at great speed.
      As I climbed some steps I saw this beauty on the very top step, the air boss in complete charge of his own flight deck. One more step I thought and I'll get another photograph but those compound eyes were watching my every move, I looked down, looked back at the top step and he was gone. One last look down and what do I see, my orange friend no less, and he even allowed me another photograph before zooming away.
      I'm sure he's called a Common Darter but I don't think he's common at all, he's quite smart really. I can't help but wonder if he fancied the orange rope.
      That's not so smart.


Brk Trt said…
John, looks like a B52.
We have had a few big dragon flies about also.
Got to love those terriers, free spirits.
John Dornik said…
Next to mayflies and caddis (for obvious reasons) my favorite insects. Here in CT they love to perch on anything pointed (for example the end of a fishing rod). If a dragonfly is active near me, I will point my finger and hold it up, offering a perch. Most of the time they will land on it. Fun.

Love the dragonflies , we have a pond in our front Garden that has a resident population . Theres a guy over the lane that has a pond to. So there is a flight path between them , which is just about head height , occasionally I see passing pedestrians wildly flailing there arms about and ducking when something something the size of king size cigarette with wings buzzes them... Great fun for the onlooker...


There are bigger blue ones and green ones too. Occasionally I see a Hobby Hawk catching them and eating them on the wing. Fantastic creatures though. It does look like a B52 with those drooping wings, we used to use dragonfly nymphs on the reservoir in summer, the takes were quite violent. All of you have a good weekend. John
Bureboyblog said…
B52. That was a behemoth.
Still flying all these years after 'rolling thunder'.John