Unfolding big sky drama

      There was a splash of rain during the night or early morning, mind you it didn't do a lot of wetting but the really interesting thing about the conditions was the cloud formation.
      As I was walking the two Jack Russell Terriers the horizon to the south west began to lighten and the edge of the back of the front began approaching at some speed, obviously there were some high winds up there propelling the clouds along. Under the cloud it was quite gloomy but beyond the edge towards the horizon everything was bathed in bright sunlight.

      Gradually the cloud moved through and the landscape brightened up and it was finally a sunny day. It's fantastic to stand and watch phenomena like that unfolding before your eyes, I stood for ten or twenty minutes with the two terriers getting more frustrated about the lack of movement until they just stuck their noses down and went prospecting for anything that might interest them.
      I wonder what tomorrow's instalment will bring.


John Dornik said…
Your trees look bare. What's your latitude? I'm at 41.27 N (Madison CT on Long Island sound). The ocean tempers our weather, this time of year. Our trees are still pretty much fully leafed and have not really colored up, as yet.
John, The poplars seem to lose their leaves first, a lot of the other broadleaved trees are still holding a lot of the autumn coloured leaves. Strangely some leaves will hang on on the poplars all winter. I'll check the latitude and we will now start to get cold north winds from Scandinavia and the Baltic. regards, John
Bureboyblog said…
Love seeing the leading edge of a front. Geuss farmers and anglers are often amongst the first to notice the shedding of the poplar leaves. A very characterstic damp smell.
When I walked the two terriers tonight with the grandsons there wasn't a breath of wind, just poplar spiralling gently down. There's also a layer of them on the land that has been drilled with wheat and barley. The pulse is slowing. John
Brk Trt said…
John once again some super shots.

Thanks Alan, more to come and I am still struggling to comment onSmall Stream reflections. I blame Google. Nevermind I loved your last post. That pool is a holy place. All the best, John