Clear, then foggy later

      Weather contrasts we just love them, the early evening was clear with a beautiful blue sky and six mile visibility, even when the two terriers were turfed out to water the garden at ten thirty that night the black face of the sky remained clear with stars clearly visible and the Milky Way putting on a great show.

      And so to bed and when we get up the morning to repeat the the night-time ritual with the two terriers we're greeted with fog. Absolute magic, now you see the landscape and now you don't. Spider jewels and necklaces everywhere, as there always are in these conditions, and the terriers come back in from their garden adventures beaded like the spider's webs and damp from the moisture in the air.

      Out on the early morning walk, or patrol as the two terriers would have it, and the landscape has taken on that ethereal magical feel that the fog always brings, totally different to the same conditions in the evening where as the light weakens there's always a more spooky touch and feeling about your surroundings. Darkness and fog, I wouldn't think that was a good combination four or five hundred years ago.
      Just another day in paradise though, we can live with that.


Thanks Stephen, I didn't have the camera with me tonight when I walked Barney, the sky was unbelievable but there will be another. Poor old Lucie got sterilised toady and we are seriously sore. I suppose we all would be.
I saw the biggest perch ever the other day chasing fry, I was out with the gun at the time, but it was five pounds plus. Having caught one over four pounds this was a true monster. Will wee see it again? I hope so. John