Golden days

      Or is it the last shadows of summer? No doubt we'll get more sunny days but the sun is losing its heat as it moves steadily south and even the shadows are not as crisp, deep and intense as they were during the heatwave, and that summer heatwave seems like a lifetime ago.
      Never mind, the mornings are drawing in rapidly and the clocks have gone back one hour, the evening dog walking times will have to be revised so that they go out a little earlier until finally on a dull day it's dark at four o'clock in the afternoon.
      Although I love those long summer evenings there is something about the atmosphere of the darker evenings, well after all it is fire-lighting time and woodburner has been cleaned up, serviced and is tested and ready to go.
      There's always a bright side after all.


John Dornik said…
One thing about being a senior citizen (I'm 79) is time goes by so quickly before you know it, Spring will be here. In the meantime, how about a Polar Bear or Penguin Plunge? Just kidding although they do it every January in my town (Long Is Sound). Sometimes, the air temp is in the teens (F).

Time passing, it's a cloud of dust it's going so quickly. First year we were here in West Norfolk, 2010, we had -14 on the max/min mercury. Now that does wreck the fishing. Long Island Sound. A place and area Sue and I need to visit. John