The case of the Norfolk Bog Door Blue cypher

      I found this mark on the road, glowing beautifully in Norfolk Bog Door Blue, while waiting around for the two terriers to finish a major forensic canine sniffing analysis. The cypher was on a wall too and even the current rain isn't washing either of them away.
      Is it the mark of a secret society or a 'Gentleman of the Road'?
      It certainly isn't your normal aerosol paint run-of-the-mill graffiti. I think it's far more interesting to make these things more intriguing rather like 'The adventure of the Dancing Men 'in the Sherlock Holmes stories but I'm sure that the reason for the blue marks is far more mundane.
      During next week there'll probably be a huge hole in the road, courtesy of Anglian Water, and out of necessity absolutely nobody working in it. Mind you it will be filling up with water because of all the rain.
      As Anglian Water say on their corporate identity 'every drop counts'.


John Dornik said…
"every drop counts"
What the old lady said, when she pee-peed in the ocean.