A drop in the ocean

      Amazingly although the winter weather is only just winding up with a couple of biting frosts and a lot of cold damp weather there are the first signs of new life appearing in the hedgerows already.
      The hazel bush near the back gate is covered in immature catkins and at some point there'll be a signal sent from the roots or the branches, I don't know which, and the flowers will burst. My guess is it will be early to mid-March but I wouldn't put money on it.
      This little group of catkins was right on the end of a branch and it was complete with a tiny drop of rain barely hanging hanging on to the tip of the catkin.
      Never mind every drop counts.


Brk Trt said…
John, winter is starting to take hold here. Night temps are well below freezing so the problem of shelf ice will make walking along a stream a bit unsafe.

It's blowing an absolute gale here and the temperature is a steady four or five degrees, the kind of wind where can barely hold a car door open. Today is tree buying day I preparation for the all the family at Christmas and try and sneak out for pike later. If not it will be Monday. Some lovely tying again on Small Streams! Regards, John
Stephen Baines said…
Not a day for a delicate little whip down the edge. I'm going to brave it as well.
The waves are about a foot high on the river with the wind blowing straight down the course. The big drains are the same. John