An early walk

      Sunday morning and our two Parson Jack Russells, Barney, Lucie and I set off for a two or three mile walk a little earlier than usual and all because the weather was so still and clear after the gales and torrential rain of Saturday. Being out walking without being cut in two by the east wind, or the lazy wind as it is known in these parts, and freezing rain was an absolute pleasure. Invigorating you might say and those people who lie in bed for hours in the morning don't know what they are missing.

      There was just a little frost on the grass enough to give it a crunch as you walked along the drove, the temperature was just under two degrees, but not enough to freeze the water in the dykes although the minor road at the back gate was a sheet of very slippery black ice just waiting to catch out the unwary motorist on the ninety degree bend.

      The walk was totally uneventful, even the terriers weren't up to their usual naughtiness, I think that they, like me, were simply glad to be out in clear crisp air. We saw nobody and heard nobody, just peace and bird song and there wasn't even the usual rustling from the reeds.
      Silence. It doesn't really get much better than that.


John Dornik said…
Simon and Garfunkle would agree. And I do and perhaps your two soul mates do, as well. "Tis a gift to be simple".
It's quite incredible but every now and then you get a walk that is somehow different and they stand out. Those that do are all different too. Regards, John
Bureboyblog said…
Perfect days and all that. A bit lunch time today. Many thanks to you both

many thanks BB, good to see you both, I hope you enjoy the print. John

PS I will get daughter to obtain a bottle for you. Buy your own olives! John