Are you making bread grandad?

      Our two grandsons, daughter and husband are coming to stay for Christmas, in fact the whole family is staying over for the celebrations and the major question the two boys posed was 'are you making some sourdough for our breakfasts?'
      Well the answer is, obviously, yes and it was baked on Saturday evening so that I could test it on Sunday morning lightly toasted, well somebody has to. Then buttered and spread with local honey along with a fine coffee made with freshly ground beans. Sheer luxury.
      Now, the major issue is how much will be left when the two grandsons get here? Because a bacon sandwich made with smoked bacon from our favourite local butcher is calling at lunch time.
      I'll just say that grandma ate it all. And the two terriers ate the crusts.
      That'll spread the blame around nicely.


Dickie Straker said…
Lovely TT - that sourdough looks amazing! In a similar vein I'm boiling pigs trotters & trimmings for my pork pie jelly whilst munching toast - Christmas fun eh! TTFN Dickie
John Dornik said…
Wonderful T^2 wonderful. Sounds so civilized. I'm cooking a whole ham this afternoon. We have great news. Expecting our first great grandchild. Tempest fugit?
Thanks Dickie, enjoy that it sounds really good. Best wishes to you all, John

John, congratulations we've got another due in March, our son and his wife this time. A whole ham, wonderful, my mum always used to do roast ham with honey and cloves every Christmas. One of my favourite joints. We've got confit of duck preceded by crab claws this afternoon. Pudding is raspberry cheesecake made by the guv'nor. have a good one. Best wishes, John
Brk Trt said…
Looks so good John.
Merry Christmas
The same to you Alan, have a great Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year. John