Creative at Christmas

      There's both good news and festive news together this morning, the eccentrics of Fenland are alive and well. The Boss and I had been to the garage in Bury St. Edmunds, me driving and the Boss in the turret, and as we were driving back after lunch we were going through a small village and saw this masterpiece at the side of the road. Not that you could miss it.
      This old red telephone box is long retired as a public telephone and the box is kept in good condition and used as a village book exchange, but this Christmas they have gone festive in a big way and changed it into a Father Christmas installation.
      All we can say is well done, really well done, it certainly put a smile on our faces, although his nose does look as if he really enjoys a warming libation.



John Dornik said…
Ditto John. Cant help but smile.
That's some hat that the telephone box is wearing! regards, John