Not a Viking hoard

      Every time our two grandsons come to visit there is always a request to 'get the metal detector out Grandad, we might find gold or even treasure'. Now my metal detector is the metal detecting equivalent of a water diviner's forked stick, it's not really sophisticated in any way but the boys don't care, as the elder one said there's always a chance.
      The farmer lets me turn them both loose on his fallow field and a 'systematic' search begins, the older convinced we'll find old ammunition from the war and the younger one that it will be Roman or Viking Jewels, I'm thinking King John's lost treasure will do nicely thank you. Then when the bleeping starts you can feel the excitement as soil flies everywhere.
      The finds were, in a way, quite exciting. Some large old nails and bolts and those rusty old items stirred a memory because a blacksmith used to have a forge in the corner of the field before the farmer was born and he's eighty two.

      Out in the field they found an old turnbuckle and a hollow metal sphere with the back missing. That's it on the right and nobody that I've shown it to has a clue what it is. Around an inch and a quarter in diameter and quite sophisticated in construction the nineteenth century blacksmith certainly didn't make it. More research needed on the metal sphere I think.
      We also found an almost complete cast metal saloon car that looked very 1920's, needless to say they took the car home for their version of the window sill treasure display.


John Dornik said…
Hi John, Is that old sphere cast iron? Just a guess, it might have something to do with a fireplace. I've seen old fireplaces here with a butterfly type damper, at the top, of the chimney. The control chains run down through the flue ending at the hearth. Counter balance weights hung at the lower end, of the chains.


I think it is cast, it's very brittle and was cast in two halves, we tried to find the missing piece but the ploughs have obviously scattered it. Sue wondered if it was an old Christmas Decoration but I haven't a clue but it is interesting. Regards, John
Absinthe said…
Could it have a been a bell with a small ball of metal inside - maybe a small child's toy?

The thought a Christmas decoration or a bell and I think you could be right. At least it wasn't wartime ammunition like detecting trip! John
Sorry, that should say 'Sue thought' and 'like the last detecting trip'! John