Not with egg and bacon, thank you

      These strange, and I have to say rather revolting funghi, are growing in one of the old orchards and I am unable to identify them. I've hunted out my book on funghi that tells you how not to kill off your relatives by identifying mushrooms and eliminating those with dozens of poisonous compounds, but I can't find them in the book.
      All I can say is that these specimens must be horrible because nothing touches them, the terriers hate the smell of them and even slugs don't seem to get up close and personal.
      They're about six inches across and are growing in a ring in several places, they also look like bleached liver and they're all slimy and slippery looking but maybe that's just the weather.
      Finely sliced with your eggs, bacon, fried sourdough and black pudding?
      I thought not.