Post early for Christmas

Christmas Greetings and Best Wishes for a
Happy and Healthy New Year from the Two Terriers
to everyone out there in the blogosphere.

At the top a Christmas card titled 'Magdalen Milky Way'
where the Milky Way flows and reflects in the Middle Level Main Drain
and below is a linoprint card entitled 'Pine Dancing', a lone pine tree
on the skyline dances and parties on into the New Year.


Chris Harley said…
Absolutely lovely! A very happy Xmas and New Year to you and yours.
Thanks Chris and greetings reciprocated, John
John Dornik said…
"Neat but not gaudy". Merry Christmas to T^2 as well.
John Thank you and best wishes to you and yours, Regards, John
Dickie Straker said…
Fantastic TT - I am liking those very much and as I always say to the Captain we know Christmas has come when the mighty fine TT card arrives, magic! Ours should be with you any day....running late this year - finest felicitations to you all, Dickie
Thanks Dickie, All the best to you and yours too. Regards, John
Anonymous said…
Merry Christmas to you and the TT's; thoroughly enjoy your posts and look forward to many more in the New Year! We all appreciate your efforts. Larry G.
Many thanks Larry, enjoy the season and a Happy New Year to you, Regards, John
Brk Trt said…
Merry Christmas John...give the two terriers a hug for me.
Many thanks Alan and best wishes to you and your family. Thanks for showing some of those beautiful streams very different to West Norfolk rivers. Regards, John