Stalking dawn. A growing obsession

      Every morning when I come downstairs and put the kettle on the two terriers are always irritably scrapping and growling at one another at the back door just to be first dog outside. Hopefully for a pee. I look out at the sky and check the weather and say to myself that I am not taking a photograph of the dawn.
      Well, here's the results of last week's magnificent display of willpower.

      On the majority of occasions I race back to my studio, grab the camera and take a photograph of the spectacular light show with Jack Russells round my feet and one of them, the puppy, jumping up trying to nip me because I am ignoring the prime directive. Feed us, or else. We've had a pee. No you haven't.
      Both of you, go and have a pee says I, I'm taking a photograph. That angle of argument cuts no ice with those two.

      Anyway here are five successive and theatrical outbreaks of dawn's dramatics from last week, Monday through to Friday, so you could say that dawn has had a really good week and showed just a teasingly small amount of her vast repertoire.
      After all there's the possibility of photographing every dawn for a year and showing them all on one mammoth blog post. Somehow I don't think so, but the project has possibilities.
      I'll file it under 'in your dreams'.

      However, just to show that the Two Terriers enjoy a sunset too there's a photograph of one at the bottom of the post just to prove that we can't be accused of victimising sunsets.
      Would we ever do that?
      No, but I do like dawn in her finery.


John Dornik said…
Its clear to me and Tesla John, the power of three is beautifully displayed in your photos. Could there be a hidden meaning? Perhaps another JRT might be needed? Cheers. Keep up the good work.
Nice one John! I think my other JRT is Sue, my wife. The sky was fantastic again this morning, and yes, I took another couple of shots. All the best, John
Bureboyblog said…
All this mention of Dawn has me yearning for..I'll get my coat. Cracking fruit cake by the way
Dickie Straker said…
I can never get my two out in the mornings - lazy blighters that they are.....sometimes gone 11am by the time they go out, must be bursting! Even worse if it's wet, nothing will shift them! TTFN Dickie
Astroshack said…
Hi John. Can you contact me please? Me from Rose Cottage, as was!

Astroshack, ping me your email, mines on the blog. Regards, John