Always one. Never a pair

      I think that it's one of the big philosophical questions of the twenty-first century, well it is for me. While you are driving around why do you only ever see one shoe lying in the road, or at the side of the road, and never ever a pair? I keep a sharp look out for people walking around wearing only one shoe and a sock on the other foot but I never see one. Correction needed here, I've never, ever seen one.
      When I was at school my friends and I always used to go up onto the top deck of the bus because it made us feel older, and probably for the passive smoking in those days. Anyway after the weekend or maybe on Sunday morning you'd sometimes see one ladies stiletto shoe on top of the bus shelter. Did you ever see a lady limping home one shoe on, and one shoe off? Of course you didn't. It's just an ever deepening mystery and debate.
      Here in the West Norfolk farming land I've even seen one Wellington Boot at the side of the road. Deeper analysis may well tell us if they are all right feet or at least what the ratio is of right to left feet.
      Maybe it's alien abductions but more on that subject at a later date.


Bureboyblog said…
You do sometomes see a pair of trainers wrapped round a telepnone wire (I nearly wrote telegraph). Just those clackers that were a rage in the early seventies.

Essex stiletos usually ended up somewhere out of the sun roof.......
I thought that was a gang thing in the USA. If I'd had a car with a sunroof...
Brk Trt said…
I took a photo of a utility pole in the state of Maine. On that pole were quite a few shoes nailed to it.
Odd humor.
Alan, That I have never seen. Sue and I call it 'odd-shoe syndrome'. I the country or town you see it. Damned cold here. Regards, John