Detail and more detail


      Saturday morning and there we were ambling along in the vehicle, me driving and the boss in the turret, when I slowed the tank and parked up to get a better view of this little treasure. It is a group of four or five alms houses that were built as it says in1897, the sixtieth year of Queen Victoria's reign.

     There's some splendid architectural detail and some fine examples of Victorian letterform too. What a treat. From this huge memorial plaque celebrating the opening to other smaller stones that are just decoration and not forgetting the superb chimneys too, although I'm sure that the original roof would have been slate but I'm being a bit picky saying that.
      It quite made my day. Even the female blackbird liked the craftsmanship too.
      Mind you she was probably more concerned with thinking what is that idiot photographing here.


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