Frosted glass

      While I was out on Sunday taking the walk with Jack Frost and the two terriers I found this glass bowl resting on top of a storage box. Now as a piece of glassware it's worth nothing, it's just a cheap moulded glass fruit or trifle bowl and it was probably won as a prize at fairground stall.
      However our chilly friend Jack Frost has worked a little artistic magic on it. The rain that fell the previous day has frozen in the bottom of the bowl and a hard frost has further decorated the sides of the bowl with crystals.
      Maybe Jack Frost was the inspiration for Rene Lalique, it's just a thought, but the frost has certainly made something out of nothing much.


John Dornik said…
My little Pug "Harley" is doing his best to avoid your artist friend Jack. Right now he's beneath my chair, in the corner with hot water baseboard heat. His butt against one heater and his head against the other, baking himself to perfection. All's well in puppy dreamland. Cheers John. Thanks for your posts.
Dickie Straker said…
Lovely TT! The pleasure of everyday things! TTFN Dickie
A sensible dog John, it's dusk here and damned cold with ominous clouds approaching. Now to light the woodturner. Regards, John
Dickie, It is a pleasure and you just have to look a little harder! Regards, John
Bureboyblog said…
Guess we are all old enough to remembe Jack frosts artwork inside our windows. Kids dont believe me when I say that.

BB, I can remember frost patterns on the inside of my bedroom window and you did not want to get out of bed. In the late sixties when I was at art school in Newcastle I remember throwing a cooling hot water bottle out of bed and it was like a Slush Puppy in the morning. being Newcastle they were pinching the front garden fences to burn on their fires. Nothing's changed up there. Wait for the insults. Regards, John