On the scrap heap

      Yet more agricultural machinery that has been overtaken by modernisation and the passage of time. As always the equipment and machinery is left in the corner of a field or orchard and the grass, nettles, moss and brambles are allowed to weave their wild magic through it and on it.
      The birds and animals love it too because they get a safe haven to make their home and refuge and it still baffles me why the out-of-date and redundant machinery isn't scrapped and recycled. Probably because it is worthless as scrap when costed against the expense of collecting and moving it all and it hasn't gathered the other elusive value by being termed 'vintage' or 'antique' yet.
      It still doesn't seem a great use of a resource though.


Bureboyblog said…
Rust never Sleeps. Neil Young is a curmudgeonly god.
Neil Young is a genius. Just brilliantJ. From Everybody knows this is Nowhere to harvest Moon and Sleeping with Angels. Genius. John
Brk Trt said…
I have several photos of abandoned fame equipment. Why this stuff was left in the fields is something I could never understand. The B&W images are lovely.
Niel Young is a favorite.

Thanks Alan, there's a gated orchard near us that is rammed with equipment. I'll try and get in without the terriers, I'd lose them in there, and do a blog on it. Regards, John