Other worlds and natural cycles

      The close up world of insects, bugs, lichen and fungi fascinate me. I'm sure life is just as tough on and in those logs as it is under the surface of the drains and rivers. The thing that really piques the interest is the industry that goes into breaking all of this dead, natural and organic matter down into what is basically very fine compost, a wheelbarrow load for the garden is required I think.

      These small creatures are born, munch the timber by drilling into it or simply take the 'easy route' of picnicking your way along just under the bark and then turn into some flying thing thing and mate to start the cycle all over again and die.
      I suppose it's a bit like humans really, those little creatures just get on with it and but we  are more important and bugger it up. This neglected applewood log pile was a stacking failure but it's a paradise for the small and seemingly insignificant.
      Nothing changes.


John Dornik said…
Actually John, they look like exit holes. The adult female insect has a long needle like ovipositor she uses to insert into a crack and deposit an egg deep, in the log. Egg hatches into a nymph that feeds on the wood, digesting it into a very fine powder. Nymph morphs into an adult that chews its way out, leaving a perfectly round exit hole. When they invade antique homes, we call them powder post beetles.

thanks John, there are some big holes in there. Thank goodness they're only small if they can eat seasoned apple logs before the rot. Regards, John