The charm of small worlds and rust

      The Boss and I have been busy looking after and sorting out our farmer neighbour this last couple weeks after his double by-pass surgery.
      The operation was a complete success, he was out of hospital in five days and we're doing the after-care for him which seems ridiculous but it is also the way it is. We don't mind in the least because he is a lovely old boy and he's doing as he's told, believe me that in itself is a major breakthrough.

      There hasn't much time for fishing, or shooting or even printing but it's only for six weeks so topics and subjects are being found closer to home.
      While I was walking over to see him the other morning a bed of moss caught my eye, the green was practically luminescent and viewed from above it looked like the view of some islands from an aeroplane flying at high altitude. The rogue nail looks like a ship and the shackle connector for the tractor becomes something different too. I suppose the thing is that as your world shrinks for a while your view and analysis of it does too.
      I do like that old equipment standing and waiting for action, it's halcyon days over, I won't tell you what the boss said about old equipment.
      The cheek of it.


Dickie Straker said…
Wonderful art in the natural and machined form TT - nothing like a bit of age to aid the patina, great stuff, good luck with the old gear!! TTFN Dickie
Brk Trt said…
Again your eye catches that most miss.
John it's a nice thing your doing for your neighbor.
John Dornik said…
All metals corrode in the Earth's crust except gold. Au is alone in that regard and special indeed.
Dickie, never give the Boss an open goal!

Alan, The thing is that he really appreciates it and he is improving every day. I've not had the rods out but everything his freezing over now and finally snow is forecast. That'll be the UK crippled!

John, Norfolk gold, now that would be good. I'll keep looking!

All the best to you all, John
Bureboyblog said…
John, the little 'uns thougt the first frame was a drone view....
Norfolk girls, love 'em! Regards, John