The cold shoulder

      The gear is already packed in the car, lunch has been eaten and I've got a hot drink in my bag so I'm all ready for an afternoon's pike fishing despite the cold and the sunshine, so it's off to the little landing stages in the middle of nowhere. Exciting or what, an escape from the domestic ties, and what could possibly go wrong?

      When I arrive I tackle just one rod up to wobble a dead roach but when I walk down the track to see the drain it's totally frozen over. I walk up the bank and along the bank in both directions but not on the ice, obviously. Nothing. It's frozen over alright and the ice is thicker than it seems and even after a little contemplation and a hot drink the optimism is still there but the ice doesn't seem any thinner and it's definitely still there bank to bank.
      I decide to drive to another venue but the very minor back roads are absolutely treacherous and I don't fancy ending up in a dyke somewhere with a written off vehicle so I reluctantly head for home.
      On the plus side at least the frozen baits haven't defrosted. You see, there's always a silver lining.


Bureboyblog said…
I've a day off but have the lergy so might just stretch to pushing some wet leaves round the patio later. There might be some worms under the leaves so in a tin with some moss to scour them... A day for a lamb stew with pesal barley and rustic bread. And a medicinal Tallisker night cap later.
BB, Sounds nasty, I'd go for an early medicinal around mid-afternoon. Bloody typical when I do get out and the back roads were appalling, just plain dangerous and there was four car pile-up not far from Cottons Corner on the Sixteen Foot. John
Bureboyblog said…
Perked up enough to defrost a pollan on the Bure. Nothing doing so it's defrosted two halves were delivered to the fishy gods. Now, where is that Tallisker?

I wouldn't even think of attempting some of the roads your way with a frost on. Or after dark.
BB, There's a layer of water above the ice now. Horrible conditions. John