Walking with Jack Frost

      It really was absolutely freezing on Sunday morning, minus 4 on the maximum and minimum mercury and with the clear skies dawn put on a very foxy show. While the two terriers had their breakfast I enjoyed a cup of coffee and watched and watched the spectacle unfolding. I have to say she looked pretty good too and I'm quite sure she's happy with the compliment as well.

      Then the three of us then set off into what promised to be the beginning of a beautiful West Norfolk day. The temperature was still falling and the frost, just like fog, changed the landscape and how it looks and how the light affected it too. No jewel-like spider's webs this morning just a coating of spiky frost crystals decorating everything. Everyday objects seemed more special and somehow more interesting. Not that the two terriers gave it a thought, a walk, is a walk, is a walk whatever the weather.

      The oil drum above looked like it was wearing swimming trunks although Boss thought it looked like a landscape and the raising and lowering handle on the harrow looked fur coated so that your hands wouldn't get cold operating it. Meanwhile the top of the cone that was standing in front of some storage sheds in a farmyard looked like the entrance to the underworld.
      It's amazing what you find on a walk with Jack Frost as well as an appetite for the full English breakfast when you get back.


John Dornik said…
It's very cold here in Connecticut, as well (3 deg F). Wind chill has it down to about minus 20 deg F. The ground has not been frozen until now. Usually we get a January thaw the third week of Jan. This year the opposite. Stay warm and layer up when going outdoors.
Brk Trt said…
John Mr. Frost does present a pretty picture.
Here in CT. we have a lovely town named Norfolk. It is nick named the ice box of Ct. temp this morning -13 degrees F.

I hope your breakfast was hearty.
Alan and John, Thank you, the temperature this morning was plus 1 so no more hard frost but snow is forecast tonight and the humidity is rising. The ground is hard but not minus13 hard! My little stretch of river is iced over though. Regards, John