Zen, rust and the art of terrier walking

      Today I let the two Jack Russells lead the way and it would be fair to say that it was a somewhat meandering and zig-zag walk. I know they cover a lot of ground but a long walk for me means walking and for them it means, sniffing, rooting, rummaging, digging and generally taking a very laid back and almost zen-like view of exercise.

      Put simply this means I spend a lot of the time standing while they reach new levels of canine content. Anyway, I've got the camera with me so at least I can do some visual searching and rummaging in the same landscape but not quite as close to it as they are with their super sensitive noses. There's always plenty of dereliction to photograph in orchards and the corners of farmyards and copses.

      One of the things that this more philosophical approach does to a morning walk is make you look at objects and groups of objects more closely and enjoy the small worlds a little more with the bonus of finding splinters of that heritage colour Norfolk Bog Door Blue too.
      Right, I need a coffee terriers, lets head for home. A command ignored and how unusual is that for a Jack Russell? Then they go home for a sleep and further meditation.