Bridges over frozen water

      It was minus four degrees again on Saturday night and the ice is slowly but surely tightening its grip on the waterways whether they are rivers, dykes or ponds. Here are four views of two waterways that are yards apart in the village of Welney, we'd gone to the Lamb and Flag for Sunday dinner and the two bridges in the village had to be peered over and it didn't matter if it was ice or flowing water down below. This is the Old Bedford looking pretty well north east and below is the same waterway looking towards the south west. The ice prevails covering the surface apart from in a few small areas where willow branches are keeping the surface agitated.

      Then within fifty yards or so is the River Delph and in the bridge pool is a small area of clear water that has become a duck's paddling area and somewhere for the heron to fish, he caught two small silver fish while I was watching, so the fish are there or they were until they came within range of the deadly yellow beak.

      Both of these waterways run absolutely parallel with one another from the Ouse at Earith to the Great Ouse at Salter's Lode as part of the areas flood defence measures. Three quarters of a mile or so away to the east on the other side of the washes and in parallel with these two rivers is the tidal New Bedford River or Hundred Foot Drain, that remains ice-free because of the rise and fall of the water.
      Until a thaw begins to set in the ice is only going to get thicker and maybe if the ice thickens up enough we'll see the skaters out on the shallower rivers, I'd prefer to see a pike float out there but until the thaw it simply isn't going to happen.
      Over to you weather, let's see what you deal up tonight but from the look of the sky on Sunday evening it's going to be another hard frost.


Brk Trt said…
John, calm and cold. Not a ripple seen on the water.
Positive thoughts to the season ahead.

Frozen solid, apart from where the ducks and heron are. Running water would help. Shouldn't complain really, after all it is winter! Hopefully it will melt away this week. Regards, John