Dawn's disappearing trick

      There we were, just up and about and all shaved and ship-shape. A cup of tea in hand and I turf the two Jack Russells out for their pee and also to give the neighbours their early morning walk-up call. Whether they need it or not. I looked up and there was one of Uncle Sam's finest from the 48th Fighter Wing making a rapid descent to Lakenheath, he obviously needed a coffee urgently.
      After photographing the fleeting moment I nipped back indoors for a top-up went back outside to get the terriers in for their breakfast, or rather I got in the way of them coming in for their breakfast, looked up and it's gone. Dawn had disappeared. Gone.
      A bank of fog had rolled in across the fields and had pretty well smothered dawn. Then the fog got thicker and thicker and she disappeared into the murk.
      Fortunately she was back this morning.


Bureboyblog said…
Dawn. Always reliable.