Just a light dusting

      The weathermen keep promising us that we are going to get 'Snowmageddon' and while it was freezing last night with minus four on the mercury of the maximum and minimum thermometer, and snow was promised, this was all that the West Norfolk Fenland got. A very light dusting. When I took this photograph on Wednesday, on the way home from the butchers, the car thermometer was showing a nice round zero at eleven in the morning so a 'snowbomb' it wasn't and I think we should be grateful for that.
      As my grandmother used to say 'it's just to cold for snow'. Now that's an old saying I can never work out.
      Who knows what tonight's weather will bring.


  1. I remember the too cold to snow sayng as well

  2. I used to say what about the arctic and antarctic and Greenland? The reply was' you are too young to understand'. Amazing really. John

  3. John I've not heard of that saying over here. We get storms that are called nor'easters, meaning they come up from south and head northeast. The pile on the snow, wind and cold.
    We are promised several days next week in the 50's.


  4. My grandmothers and my mother used to say it. I have to say I never understood it either. If it's minus anything and the sky is clear with no clouds then I suppose it wouldn't snow! It's freezing now, Sunday late afternoon but tomorrow +10 but it will take a while to melt the ice. If it's in the 50's the brookies will call. Regards, John


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