Out in the cold

      I do love a frosty morning when your breath hangs in plumes and in turn the two Parson Jack Russell Terriers charge along leaving rapid plumes of breath that makes them look like a pair of small steam locomotives hard at work. They aren't hard at work though, they're just enjoying themselves, maybe the cold air supercharges them a little but that's one for the vets to work out.

      The grey and cloudy days you get in the depths of winter always make you long for springtime but these mornings are quietly and strangely life affirming, don't know why but they just affect me like that. I love frosty mornings and can't wait to get out and walk in them down the farm roads and through the orchards.

      The wooden duck isn't a decoy it's just a small carved duck that has lost all of its colour, the frost makes it look like it's been covered in down. I move it around the roof of the shed and the youngest grandson thinks that it moves itself about at night, it's a kind of magic just like the conversion that frost does on simple everyday things.