His and hers, obviously

      Sue and I had stopped for fuel on Sunday morning when suddenly the air was ripped and torn apart by the sound of motorcycle exhausts but not quite the exhausts on your standard two-wheeled motorcycle transport.
      A group of bikers on trikes had pulled into the filling station and a glorious noise those engines made too. Here are two of them and I know in these politically correct times I shouldn't race to conclusions but assuming his and hers on these two machines seemed a reasonable deduction.
      There was one conventional bike in the group, a Harley Davidson with an Akropovic exhaust and that sound like a piston engined fighter plane when the rider started it up. Fantastic. I hope that they all had a great trip to the seaside and enjoyed their fish and chips and ice creams because we enjoyed their bikes.
      Both of these trikes were sporting the 'Help for Heroes' flag in support of our servicemen and women, so more power to their collective throttle hands.


Brk Trt said…
Pretty sharp looking bikes.
John some of those Harley's can open one's ears.

they were beautiful, I always had a real desire for 'Night Train' but not anymore the days of Kawasaki and Yamaha are behind me now! I still get quite wistful though... All the best, John
George said…
lovely to see they are flying the poppies, I have to take my hat off to most bikers they all adorn the bikes / clothes with some sort poppy to remember the dead.

Sue and I always talk to them, we still have a Yamaha R1 but our knees can't cope anymore! Whenever we meet and talk about their bikes they are always charming. WE need more like them. Regards, John