Shelter from the storm

      It's Tuesday and Bure Boy is on his way over so we can have a go at the Fenland pike in a favourite drain. The weather forecast doesn't sound great but I'm sure we'll be able to comfortably cope with whatever the weather gods decide to throw at us.
      This is my last chance this season because family commitments and taking our oldest Jack Russell, Barney, to the veterinary referral hospital near Newmarket means that my season ends a couple of days early. So a cup of coffee and a chat first then we're off for the 'last hurrah'.
      As we leave the wind is building and rain is in the air, the drive along the drain reveals waves and whitecaps on the water along with foam lanes more suitable for a lake.

      When we arrive in the farmyard the rising wind slams the car door on my thumb, a good start, and rain is being hurled along on the steadily rising gale. We survey the water, along which the wind is blowing, and quite a lot of the water is actually in the air but in the distance the visibility is reducing as more and much heavier rain steadily approaches.
      We walk up and down weighing up our options and decide that it is simply to dangerous to fish, you could try and fasten a brolly down but I'm sure it would come up on Air Traffic Control's radar. Bure Boy decides to head for a sheltered pond nearer to his home so I give him my bait and after he leaves I take another walk and check some of the old landing stages. The two landing stages I test are wobbling like a jelly because of the force of the storm and the weight of the water hitting them so reluctantly I head for home, my pike season over for another year with a whimper.

      When I get home the weather gods unleash their full fury, an absolute howling gale and three millimetres of rain in just five minutes beating a drum roll tattoo on the windows. Suddenly a cup of coffee with Bure Boy's gourmet pork pies seems a very attractive proposition.
      The plan didn't come together on this occasion so it's time to clean the gear, do a stock-take to see what is needed for next season and fill the optimism tanks over the close season with a little reservoir trout fishing.
      Today, if the fat lady sang we didn't hear her for the noise of the wind and rain.


Bureboyblog said…
John, that 3mm hit around Elm. Bit tricky. No can did on the farm pond so off there shortly to liberate you generous maggotty gift. I sense livebaits will be the way to go so they'll drown or be eaten for a good cause. I'll peek at the river in the vain hope it will be fining down. Probably be perfect on Friday Sod'sLaw being what it is. Good luck for the mighty Boro. Perhaps Pullis will be whisked away into the adjacent river.
The wind is even worse today and we've had three power cuts so far, just think what the weather was like last year and the year before on closing day... 12mm of rain in total before midnight yesterday and now a mad wind. I hope the farm pond works for you. The pies were excellent. John
Bureboyblog said…
I had plenty of pike action but of 6 runs only one converted and I first thought it was a bream, just looked that way in the wind troubled water.
Hope super vet has good news for you.