Fighting with the cold

      The last four mornings have seen a heavy white frost lying on the shed roof and the front lawn and as an accompaniment there has been a cold northerly or easterly wind all day. Typically raw Spring days really.
      The pear blossom in the orchard is starting to burst too but on the sloping sides of the dykes the cowslips are struggling into flower wherever there is some shelter and respite from the chilling wind. The cowslips always seem to be just behind the primroses and the yellow of the flower is just that little bit richer. The Dandelions are developing and flowering too and by the end of the month there'll be a riot of an even richer yellow as they peak around St Georges Day, the traditional time to pick them to make wine.
       A proper sign of the developing Spring, as is the proper cold wind too.


Bureboyblog said…
Think it's a tad warmer tonight, bastard wind has dropped

It was horrible this am at 6.30 out with the terriers but they don't seem to care. Took the gun with me but there was bugger all on the peas. I keep dreaming of pigeon pie and mash, and gravy, and peas. Sigh. The hunger games! John