Going off-road and underwater

      Headline news in the village but was it an error of judgement, plain stupidity or trying to hide something? A Land Rover Discovery ended up in the river in the village although it didn't quite disappear under the surface and amazingly nobody saw or heard a thing.
      Nobody came forward to claim the vehicle or plead guilty to driving into the river so we all surmised that it was untaxed and uninsured and somebody was simply trying to dispose of it. An expensive loss though, a local haulage company lifted the 4x4 out of the water and took it to their secure truck park but the owner still hasn't come forward to claim their vehicle.
      Now it's being broken up for spares to cover the retrieval and rescue costs, no doubt the sum of the parts are far greater than the value of the whole vehicle.


Brk Trt said…
Very strange...a sight that will get one thinking.
Alan, I found out today that no insurance road tax or registered owner. A radical way to get rid of you vehicle. No doubt more will be revealed. Regards, John
Anonymous said…
What a mistake to remove the vehicle! Leave it there, making sure that the windows are rolled down, and it will create outstanding fish habitat. Future generations of anglers will enjoy fishing the famed "Land Rover Discovery Pool." The challenge will always be to drift a weighted nymph through one of the open windows to entice the big brown trout from under the steering wheel.

Bill Love
Sandpoint, Idaho

Good afternoon Bill, The trouble is that it is a navigable waterway and the Land Rover Reef would block it. It would certainly make a refuge for the small fish though. Kind regards, John