A long walk in the long grass

      Rain, sun and rising temperatures mean that everything is growing and growing fast, very fast. This morning, Sunday morning, Barney turned right into an orchard rather than follow our customary long winding route round the headlands on the fields. Having already had a Saturday of steady to torrential rain it meant that for the two terriers,  Barney and Lucie, they were going to get a thorough washing down without the normal protests.

      We marched onwards down the groves of plum trees that are going to crop unbelievably well. The pears don't look so good but there'll be more than enough and the apple trees are also going to provide a heavy crop. The farmer's golden retriever, Holly, found us and joined in the fun. Now I had to make sure that the three dogs didn't do a roll in fox poo, there's no escaping responsibilities and it would be a waste to let them get mucky after the wash down they'd all voluntarily enjoyed.

      Finally after nearly an hour of hunting, snuffling, sniffing, disappearing and returning at their own speed we headed for home and the prospect of a freshly made coffee for me. They'd all had some pleasure so now I decided to have some myself.
      All-in-all a very pleasant start to a lovely day.
      Monday morning now and it's pouring down again, another wash-down coming up.