Memory lane again

      I found an old tin in a disused and somewhat derelict farm shed, the outer lid was totally unreadable with dust, cobwebs and some corrosion for good measure. When I opened the lid, or should I say prised the lid open, there was nothing inside but rusty washers, Allen Keys, screws and nails.
      However the inside of the lid was worth a second look. In another life the tin, about five inches square, represented a bulk purchase of beef stock cubes that I presume were made in the style of 'Oxo Cubes'.
      The lovely thing about the tin is that it also presented another small peep into the world of yesteryear.
      I can smell those cubes now when the steaming boiling water is added.


Dickie Straker said…
Wonderful find TT - buried treasure! A flask of that whilst chub fishing on a winters day would see anyone right! TTFN Dickie
Dickie, I remember at Middlesbrough's old ground, Ayresome Park, you could buy Bovril at half-time. Wonder what they'd make of that now?! All the best, John