Poetry and practicality

      A practical and very useful piece of advertising and marketing ephemera from the late 19th century. On this occasion it is for Clarke's Pyramid Night Lights, Lights that burn for a whole nine hours. Technology or what?
      The jug isn't a piece of apparatus or a vehicle for holding the candles while they burn it is simply a practical and useful piece of kitchen earthenware for milk, cream, sauces or gravy.

      Sadly the small and impractical handle is missing, you can  clearly see the mark where it fell off, but for a couple of pounds it was just an irresistible curio as far as I was concerned and I suppose yet another item to further fill up my studio window sill.
      The poetry, or doggerel as some would call it, obviously flattered the owner of the company or, more likely his wife wrote it for him and he couldn't or didn't dare turn it down. I've no doubt I'll find another use for the jug even if it is only for storing pencils or brushes. Re-used and recycled, there's nothing wrong with that concept.