The boys are back in town

      Well they were back in the village for a week anyway. We've had two of our grandsons staying with us for the last week and in that time we've covered some ground and not just with the two terriers either. The North Norfolk coast, pig racing at Stow Bardolph where my pig came second, I just had to back Spamela Hamderson, they all backed Elvis Pigsley who had obviously left the arena.

      Visits to exhibitions, we've been fishing to Great Massingham and I would think that both of the boys have eaten their own body weight in plums and apples on the walks with the Jack Russell Terriers. The Victoria Plums and Discovery Apples are ready now so I can hardly blame them for raiding the trees every time they pass through the orchard, the fruit is completely  irresistible.

      While we were fishing Ollie caught his first carp and William caught a brace of carp, he also managed to get snapped by two larger carp before the Ollie's patience and concentration span began fray and disappear. The session was voted a great success and necessitated being finished off with an ice cream. Nothing new there then.

      Now for the 'spot the two boys' in the picture below competition, there isn't a prize to be won I'm afraid, yes they were hidden in the middle of the manicured and trimmed Box dome.
      We take them both back on Friday, well today as this is posted, it's amazing how quickly a week passes when you're having fun.
      Now it'll take two weeks for us both to recover after a somewhat busy week.


Anonymous said…
"They" always say the best part of having grandchildren is you can give them back, wrong it's the worst part.
I agree, We met up with daughter, at a halfway house, to hand the back and have lunch. On the drive back the Boss and I both said we could have done so much more. It's always down to time and we don't have an unlimited supply or enough. But it was fun. all the best, John