The Upwell Squadron

      Over the last couple of years our resident flock of starlings has steadily grown, so much so that this little group posing on the power lines is only about two thirds of them. Although not a huge flock as yet their aerobatics each evening are a treat to see and it'll certainly take a few more years before we have the numbers to rival Brighton or those birds on the Somerset levels.
      Their numbers seem to be doubling each year so by the end of summer next year, and there's around seventy there on the wires and add in those still out on patrol and that's about one hundred so possibly there'll be about two hundred next year. As long as they stay out of the way of the local sparrow hawks because they are never far away from a constant and reliable food source.
      They're such social and amenable birds they even help with gardening, I think this lot were feasting on flying ants that appeared just before a thunderstorm last week.
      Every little helps.


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Starling flash mob