Tree, bucket, pan, jam

      A quick sortie into the depths of one of the orchards where I am allowed to walk the two Jack Russells for a plum picking session. On this occasion to gather one of the very best plums for jam making, Marjorie Seedling, and there they are at the top looking like giant grapes.
      No terriers accompanying me on this run because between picking each plum I'd be looking for them then getting them back where I can see them, they're not known for sitting still and behaving like a well trained gun dog.

      Picked and in the bucket, all six and a half pounds plus those I ate as labour charges while picking them.

      Now they're topped, tailed and in the pan undergoing the magical transformation where they become a truly delicious plum jam.

      Finally the jam is cooled, the jars are sealed and labelled and six and a half pounds of jam is ready for storage in the winter cupboard. Alchemy or what.


Dickie Straker said…
Absolutely pure joy TT! A Marjorie Seedling is a thing of beauty - lovely looking when in the jar too! TTFN Dickie

I've eaten far too many walking the dogs. They do work! All the best, John