Fen Gothic or Romantic?

     Well maybe neither but the quality of the light, the silhouettes and the lone white streetlight have a definite touch of Caspar David Freidrich. Maybe to call it Fen Gothic would be more accurate but I thought that it was simply quite moody and atmospheric.
     An old ruined turret, arch or a graveyard would really complete the scene but the end of the front garden will have to do. The few remaining fruits on the tree are Medlars that I've left for the birds and they'll be onto them quick enough if the weather really turns hard but so far we're still waiting for the first frost of 2020.
      The Boss has just seen the photograph and she says it reminds her of Edward Hopper, there you are it depends on your point of view, the eye of the beholder.
      Perhaps I'm just an old Romanticist. The boss says no.