A long and not so winding road

      On Tuesday afternoon the Boss and I were out and about exploring the highways and byways of the West Norfolk Fenland me driving and the Boss in the turret. The wind was still blowing hard and with the chill factor it was around minus 2 degrees. Definitely cold enough with our friend the lazy wind blowing like that.
      I stopped and took this photograph next to the embankment of the Hundred Foot Drain just because of the dramatic sky but in someways it simply typifies the West Norfolk Fenland, the Boss reckons that it is a haunted landscape and I think that is a good description.
      At least it wasn't pouring with rain although in the distance someone was catching a drop or two but we do seem to get four seasons and many different kinds of weather in a day.


Bureboyblog said…
I've driven down there.

Not a place to breakdown BB.