Four out of ten

      Coronavirus, rain, wind, gales, storms, cloud, mud and generally desperate and depressing news all-round. Even the fishing season petered out into nothing with barely a whimper. I fact I'm glad to see the end of the 2019/20 fishing season.
      Thank goodness the last ten days have provided a couple of mornings where you feel as if things are changing for the better and it's Mother Nature and the weather who have collectively provided the surprises and the pleasure. All four of them, mornings where it was great to be up and about under beautiful blue skies.
      Anyway here's a couple of them to start the week with a smile.


Bureboyblog said…
Hope all is well John. Anything you need before I am confined to barracks let me know.

Many thanks BB, We're Ok, we have duck, pheasant, partridge and venison in the freezer and fresh veg is easy around here, well it is so far. The farmer will plant 25acres of peas shortly so we'll be adding pigeon breast to the freezer if my marksmanship is up to the task. Our voluntary four weeks isolation is up on June 16, I hope that is an omen. Best wishes to you and yours and stay fit and well. ATB, John
PS I don't know what Google have done but I can't communicate with other blogs using, say, reply on your site. Weird. John