The Sunday morning walk

      Sunday morning and an early start for the walk before it got too hot for Barney our oldest terrier and I have to say it was an absolute pleasure to be out and about. The apple blossom is out now that the plum trees have finished blossoming and it's putting on a good display, this is a Spartan tree giving us its best shot. It's strange how you can't see the bees but you can always hear their electronic sounding drone as walk past the orchard.

      We reached the old Nissen hut and already there was a contrast between the coolness inside and the temperature outside in the sun, and this at 07.30am. The terriers were waiting for me for one simple reason, because they always get a small cube of dried chicken in there. The broken transom window that is the owl perch had no fresh pellets on the window sill, just plenty of whitewash.

      The winter wheat is growing apace and because of the early morning dewfall that had gathered on the leaves Barney uses the plants as a kind of cooling zone. The droplets wet his belly and and in turn keep him damp and cool. Well worked out Barney, with age comes wisdom, I can't remember who said that. He'll stay in there for the whole time he is able too and when he comes out it is somewhat reluctantly.

      And Lucie? She loves a clod of earth to carry, don't ask me why, I've given up trying to wrestle them off her but she does drop it finally. In this picture she looks as if she is about to take a free kick, meanwhile her tail just doesn't stop wagging. Maybe the clod of earth is just to tide her over until there are apples and plums that can be stolen and eaten.
      There you are, two or three uneventful miles in lock-down and we know we're lucky we have the space.