Tydeman's Early Worcester

      The first apple in the orchard, definitely the earliest one to ripen but not the easiest to digest. This early Worcester variety has a thick and chewy skin and whilst the taste is pure Worcester the skin resists all of your attention to break it down whether chewing or digesting. Still, good roughage and fibre I suppose.
      I still think of the Discovery as the first eating and truly eatable apple and although it is the second crop in terms of harvesting it's the first really enjoyable eater but I'll have to wait a week or so to pick one that is fully ripe. That's something to look forward too.
      The strong winds of the last few days have snapped a heavy and fruit laden branch off one of the old Victoria Plum trees, those trees are too productive for their own good.


Dickie Straker said…
Splendid TT - I too think of Discovery as the first eater - one of the most moreish apples I know - we planted a Worcester Pearmain to celebrate apple day a couple of years ago out the front, but not doing too well...have to keep an eye on it. TTFN Dickie

Once the Discovery fruit are ready it will be two every on the terrier walk. ATB, John