Life measured in Centre-pins

      I've been having a sort of tidying-up week while our politicians and policy makers 'um' and 'ah' about whether we can fish or not, or do we have to remain housebound. Anyway if I'm on my own in the middle of a 2,000 acre farm I don't think I can be more self isolated. However I'd dug out my centre-pins to give them a clean and oil when I realised the span of time, or life, that they've covered.
      At the top a Rapidex that I bought in 1962 for £3 7s 6d, a whole week's wages earned by shovelling manure on a market garden after I went to art school in 1963. I craved an Allcocks Aerial but at three or four times the price and a shortage of patience on the saving front the Rapidex fitted the bill nicely and it's served me well over the years, it remains totally original too.

      Next, many years later and probably in the mid to late eighties, came the Adcock 'Stanton' Centre Pin made in Nottingham, it will spin forever and the drag is finely and infinitely adjustable. It was a wedding anniversary present and presents don't get much better than that. Or do they?
       Finally the retirement present and an absolute cracker. We met Gary Mills of The Mill Tackle Company at the 'Vintage Tackle Show' in Redditch about twenty years ago and the Boss bought this Aerial from him as a retirement come Christmas present. Nice.
      Now I use it exclusively for perch fishing on the drains in West Norfolk. It's a beautiful piece of hand-made, machined and constructed engineering, perfectly balanced and an absolute treat to use.
      Now I just need to get out and use them. Socially distanced of course.


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    1. When can you fish BB? We must try and get one in before March...

    2. Once I get the cast off TT.....hopefully back driving from the 3rd Feb.

  2. John, quite a story. A lifetime of memories encased in three reels.
    Quality never goes out of style.

    1. Your not wrong Alan, hopefully out perch fishing this week, pelicans permitting. Stay safe, John

    2. That should read Politicians not pelicans but it's quite a smart incorrect spellcheck!

    3. I'm in agreement John.....


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