Has it warmed up yet?


      The cowslips think it's spring, in fact they must be convinced that it's spring, but even they must shivering against the frost and the icy cold wintery winds from North. The dyke sides provide a little bit of shelter but still the cold drying winds swirl around and, to top it all, the ground is absolutely bone dry. Only the nightly dewfall gives the crops and plants a drink.

      There's no sign of warmth and there's definitely no sign of rain, the wheat fields have cracks running through them, ready for the rain you'd presume. If the farmers are cultivating the land a dust storm follows the tractors and those farms adjacent to the big drains and lodes are irrigating  using pumps to water the crops.

       In the dykes there are signs of summer with the flowering water weeds blossoming but they're going to need water soon before they die back because of the dryness. The big question is, is it climate or weather?


  1. John it has been up and down weather wise here. But the month has changed and that should stabilize things. I still love this time of year.

  2. Alan, Good to hear from you. I try to communicate with your blog but it seems that it's only about a one in five chance I get through, many thanks Google! Late Saturday afternoon, I've just walked the Terriers and the wind is a really cold biting North Easterly again, but it is sunny. Take care, all the best, John

  3. Did you know that today is Naked Gardening Day? Better keep yer socks on........

    1. You'd need more than socks with our nettles...


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