Ah, the comfort of a cabin


      Last Sunday the Boss and I headed out for a walk to explore a different part of the West Norfolk Fenland, no quirky smallholdings here it's the landscape of the big farms and industrial agriculture. As is normal it was cold, windy and threatening rain but who cares, blowing the cobwebs away was one of the aims as well as investigating an interesting small river.

      We managed about an hour before the menacing clouds began to gather to the east and we couldn't help thinking as we walked back along the river and heard the distant chug of a diesel engine in a narrow boat that a boat would would be great way to explore some of these Fenland rivers, particularly in the fishing season. No ulterior motive there then.

      We have had a couple of holidays on narrow boats with the kids when they were young so maybe it's time for us to indulge ourselves when nasty old Covid settles down. After all you'd be socially distancing and never far from the shelter of a cabin and a tea or coffee if the weather turned nasty. That would work for me.