Laxton's Early. The first plum from the orchard


      The first plums of the summer season have been picked, they are Laxton's Early or as the farmer says 'Laxatives early' and they're truly delicious. Sadly their season is a short one, maybe ten days, and the ripe fruit are already falling from the trees in the strong wind and that's nothing to with their effect either. You'll only be able to  find and buy them at farm gates because they're very poor keepers and have to be eaten quickly, they're definitely not a supermarket fruit.

      In flavour terms they're way ahead of the ubiquitous Victoria Plum so they'll be eaten in tarts, pies and simply raw and that's the best way for me, straight from the tree. A few will also be eaten every time I pass the trees in the orchard with the two terriers. What a treat, well it is for me. The season of plenty continues apace.


  1. Look at the plums on that.....

  2. Certainly the gale tonight has finished them off, they've dropped...


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