The Iron Butterfly returns


      The fly screen on our back door is made up of 2 metre lengths of what looks like toilet chain.     Now, whether it works or not as a fly screen is a different debate but it seems to keep some flies out and some get in. Because the door faces due east and the chains are shiny every morning they attract butterflies and moths and they just bask in the sun and the butterfly looks like a very rich stained glass window.

       Here are this mornings visitors although the moth moved onto the wall at the side of the door when I tried to sneak through the fly screen. Now it's down to let's see what tomorrow brings.


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    1. Little coffin nails. I've got a pack and I'll post a photo.

  2. John The Iron Butterfly sounds like a 60's rock and roll band.
    Obviously not.

  3. Alan, well spotted, San Francisco and all the happenings in the mid-sixties.

  4. Hello John, Hope you're well! Just been catching up on your lovely blogs from the eastlands. I've been going throuh fly warfare, too. I bought a flat a few months back. Just around the corner from where I'd been renting. It's got one of those Juliet doors and it's hard to keep it closed. I was getting plagues of flies but I've been successful with a bag of water 'hack' I saw on the news. You hang it by string on the threshold, with some pennies/tuppences placed in it. I thought I must be barmy to try it, but it's worked! It's hugely reduced the amount coming in. In other news, I saw a white sparrow the other day. Right outside my lounge window. I ran and got my telelens and took some nice shots- I'll send one to you, when I get them uploaded- very curious little thing, it was. God Bless and I hope those perch are being good to you, even if it's a little early yet (although can it ever be too early for stripies?)- Gazza

  5. Gareth, Good to hear from you and that you are fit and well. I'll send a longer mailto your blog, this google one is dodgy and keeps telling me it's got a problem. Well at least it's honest. Stay safe, John


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