The time of plenty approaches

       The blinding hot weather that we are enjoying is doing the well watered vegetables a lot of good. All of a sudden the Courgettes, Tomatoes and Padron Peppers are growing at an astonishing rate.

      The Roma Tomatoes will be given a test tasting tomorrow, purely for research reasons you understand, meanwhile the San Marzano Tomatoes are ripening slightly more slowly but we can wait. The Courgettes are cropping beautifully and the flowers are stunning. All in all things are looking up and next it's the season for the orchard fruit including plums, apples, pears, greengages and damsons. Roll on.


  1. Hi John

    We have plenty of tomatoes on our plants but they haven't ripened yet! I love Padron Peppers and got some seeds earlier in the year which my dad germinated. They are coming on nicely and I had the 1st one last night - blimey it was hot! Now I like hot chillies (Ghost, Scotch Bonnets, Habaneros even a bit of Carolina Reaper) but this was something else. I don't always cook the Padrons that I buy and quite often eat whole ones straight from the refrigerator. I did the same last night and was quickly reaching for the milk!

    Take care and stay safe


    1. OK, the fourth attempt to reply on this amazing Google system. Please don't say'Oops there seems to be a problem'...
      We've had the same slow ripening problem, they're from an old timber greenhouse on a south facing wall. The cold damp Spring did us no favours. The farmer at the front of the house had to plough in 25acres of courgettes it was that bad.

      Stay safe,



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