The beauty of small things


      My destination for my first fishing expedition of the season was a reed filled large pond in the middle of a wood. Very inviting. I've fished here before and taken good Crucians, Rudd and Roach and the odd Bream. This wasn't a summer evening by any means although at least I was sheltered from the cold wind, the intended destination was one of the drains but with the wind the conditions were better for surfing or kite flying.

      In the three hour session I had one dip of the float and that resulted in a lovely Tench who'd been tempted by the single grain of sweetcorn, small but beautiful, and a pleasure see and to see him swim strongly away. There must be bigger Tench lurking in the reeds and weed. The man in the ghillie suit was fishing nearby but he was so well camouflaged I didn't even see him. I'll be out fishing again next week but this time with the two elder grandsons so that'll be something to look forward to and it'll be an enjoyable afternoon followed by a barbecue in the evening.


  1. John I agree, there is beauty in small things. Success is not measured by how large or by how much.

  2. Brook Trout, I totally agree, well said. John

  3. I might sneak an hour or so on the creek next week . Must be proper seed and wheat time of year now.

    1. We've got the grandsons next week but let me know when and we'll try and get down. It has been fishing well between Nordelph and Outwell where the lay-by is. Wheat and hemp for loose feed. Small red worms work well too but fish fine. I bought some hooks to nylon from Dangling Direct, I must order some more. The Forty Foot is unfishable because of Duckeed but none here. Well not yet... ATB, John

  4. About time John haha.
    Hope you're both well.


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